All ROE Family Members Are Welcome!




This highly anticipated ROE PTO community event has created many lifelong memories, whether in the rain, cold, or otherwise!  Join us on the playground fields at ROE for a night of fun, smores, and… more fun. Even if you don’t camp, there are options for your family.  It will be one of the best nights of the year!


What: ROE families will pitch their own tents on the ROE campus and spend the night. However, you can just come for Friday night fun if you are unable to campout over night. Due to covid, we will not be able to accommodate families who want to sleep in the building. Regardless of your sleeping arrangement, dinner, smores, and breakfast will be provided along with activities.

Where: ROE campus. Drop-off tent/gear in the teacher’s parking lot.

When: Campout gates open at 5:00pm on the Jan 28th, 2022. Gates close at 9:00am on Jan 29th.

Cost: $20 per ticket, which includes a meal. Optional t-shirts cost $10 for kids, $17.50 for adults.



Drop Off/Parking

The teacher’s parking lot, located off San Felipe just west of Kirby, will be open and available for dropping off people and gear starting at 5pm on Friday, January 28. Drop off is your best option, especially if unloading tents and other large items. We usually have over 150 families coming, so parking will be limited and the closest spots in the teacher lot will be coned off for vendor access. Therefore, we recommend that you get dropped off or consider carpooling with other campers. For neighborhood walkers, note that the gates at Avalon Place will be open.



This is mandatory! Once on the premises, you need to head to the pavilion / hardtop area first thing. At check-in, you will receive your meal ticket (wristband), photo booth tickets, any t-shirts you ordered, free commemorative item, and other essentials.

The check-in table will be located near the sidewalk that leads from the teacher’s parking lot to the hardtop. Look for balloons.


If you have a younger child, we encourage you to write your cell # on their bracelet.


From check-in, you will be directed to 1 of 4 marked Camp Sites for setting up tents. See Tent Setup below for additional details.


The check-in table will also be our ongoing camp out information/lost and found booth for your kids.

Loaner tents

We are unable to offer loaner tents. However, REI and a number of online companies do rent tents!


Tent setup

After check-in, you will choose a camping spot in one of the designated areas and then begin setting up your tent. See the map below to see where the designated camping areas are.

Please make sure that you don't set up on top of any ant hills! Good spots are those on level ground, away from trees, and free of ants. If you have never used a tent before, we suggest that you do a trial run ahead of time. Less tent set up time = less stress and more play.


NOTE: several parents have requested that we designate an area exclusively for young children (e.g. Pre-K and K) so that they can get to sleep earlier with less surrounding noise. While we cannot accommodate this, we do encourage parents to look at the map, plan ahead, and group together.






BBQ is the default for adults. However, during registration, you can choose a vegan option (MUST be purchased). Cheese or pepperoni pizza will be served to children. Please note that children will not be served BBQ unless you purchase an upgraded ticket for them.


Water will be available as a drink. We will have some granola bars for snacks but feel free to bring other snack items.


NOTE: as much as we would love to accommodate children with allergies, we cannot reliably do that. Please plan accordingly if your child has food allergies.


NOTE: as you probably know, the pavilion hardtop was recently repaved and repainted with your PTO dollars. Please help us keep it as clean as possible by not eating food on it.



We will have 4 fire pits setup so that adults who accompany their children can make smores. Children will not be served without an adult accompanying them.


There will be a few options available for breakfast, including Chick-Fil-A mini biscuits. Please plan to supplement the menu if you have any dietary restrictions.


For adults (and adventurous children), we are trying to get the Coffee Q food truck owned and operated by Julio Arevalo (an ROE parent!) and his business partner. While he has graciously offered free plain coffee to all starting at 6:30am, he also sells specialty coffee, hot chocolate, tea, and food that is outstanding (I speak from experience!). Please feel free to support him as he has supported us.



Free play

Believe it or not, the kids mostly enjoy playing freely with just their flashlights to show the way around the ROE playgrounds.


Photo Booth

We will have a free photo booth for the kids so that they can commemorate the night with their buddies.




Camping Options

There are 2 camping options: tents outside, or simply dine and dash. You choose when you register.


Please set expectations with your children about their behavior. In the past, we’ve had children injure others and destroy school property. Therefore, please let children know that they are not allowed to throw anything, that some areas of the school will be roped off due to past damage, and that they should abide by any signs, markers, or tape set up to limit where they can go.


Pavilion / Hardtop

As you probably know, the pavilion hardtop was recently repaved and repainted with your PTO dollars. Please help us keep it as clean as possible by not eating food on it. Once you receive your dinner or breakfast, please move off the hardtop to eat.


The only restrooms available to campers are those in the 1st/2nd grade hallway. The school will remain open during the night – but the grounds will be dark so make sure your flashlights are handy!
Flashlights. Please see What to Bring below. Flashlights are very handy.

First Aid

Ensuring the safety of your child is the responsibility of the parents. The event organizers will have a basic first aid kit available in the Pavilion, but you may want to bring your own items.

Fire Pits!

You can’t have s’mores without fire and skewers, so safety around the fire pits is paramount. As such, parents MUST accompany their child around the fire pits at all times! Further, ONLY parents will be handed the skewers for the s’mores. From there, we strongly advise the parent to roast the marshmallow for their child.

Lights out!

We want everyone to be in their sleeping bags by 10 pm and lights out shortly thereafter. We all need to respect that so we have happy campers in the morning! If your child needs to go to sleep earlier, please see the note above under Logistics / Tent setup.


We will have HPD police officers providing security through the entire night. If you're not camping, then you need to plan to exit the ROE campus by 10 pm. We will lock the gates then for security purposes!

Trash pick up

This is an all camper effort! Please bring a small plastic grocery bag from home and use that to collect trash. This will take place after breakfast, so please plan to help us in our trash search and rescue operation after you have packed up. Thank you in advance!


Please check the weather as we get closer to event and prepare accordingly.




Water bottles. We will provide some bottled water, but to reduce trash, please bring a water bottle just as you would camping. The outdoor water fountain is available.

Sleeping bags and tents - as needed (see more below).


Flashlights. We will not hand out flashlights this year. Not only are the grounds unlit and dark at night, they are still dark when campers start waking up at 6:00am!


Eye masks/shades. If you are sleeping in the school, be aware that it will be really bright! The lights must be kept on for safety reasons. If you plan on sleeping, bring eye masks.


Ear plugs. We did not have much demand for them last year so we will not provide them. If you think you may need them, please bring them.


Positive attitude. It helps everyone!




This event takes a small village! At the time of registration, you will be able to indicate whether or not you can volunteer a few hours. We need adults to help setup, serve food, manage the fire pits, etc. so any and all help is welcomed.


Other than a few exceptions, we will try to limit volunteer spots to 1 hour.




As usual, we are offering optional adult and children shirts! The quality of these shirts is really nice (Bella & Canva for those who know their shirts). All shirts are long sleeve and cost $17 for children, and $20 for adults. Please indicate quantity and sizes when you register. Note: registration is the only time you will be able to order shirts and the deadline is December 20, so don’t delay!

We will update this page with a sample shirt once we get a picture. The logo will go across the chest.



Friday, January 28

5:00 pm - 7:00 pm –GATES OPEN, Check-In (Pavilion) and Tent Setup (designated areas only)
6:00 pm – 7:00 pm – Dinner (Pavilion): BBQ, Pizza, Chicken Tenders
6:00 pm – 9:30 pm -- Activities (Pavilion): Picture Booth
6:45 pm – 9:15 pm – Free play (in the field)
7:30 pm – 9:30 pm -- S'mores (Pavilion)
10:00 pm – LIGHTS OUT (plan to be in your sleeping bags or driving away) and gates locked


Saturday, January 29

< 9:00 am – Wake up, break down tent, and clean up your area
6:30 am – 8:00 am – Coffee Q Food Truck (on the north side of Pavilion)
7:00 am – 8:00 am – Breakfast (Pavilion): Chick-Fil-A minis, bundt cakes, pancakes, OJ
8:00 am – 9:00 am - Finish Clean Up – there may be prizes for campers turning in trash!
9:00 am - GATES CLOSE



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