Neighborhood Annual Fund




Dear River Oaks Neighbor:


This year marks the 95th anniversary of River Oaks Elementary! ROE has been a cornerstone of our neighborhood since its inception, and its long-standing tradition of excellence in education continues today. ROE is an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School and consistently ranks among the top-performing public schools in HISD and the State of Texas.


The school currently educates over 700 students, about half of whom have qualified to attend as magnet students through the HISD Vanguard Program and half of whom are residents of the neighborhood. Chances are that one of your friends, neighbors or family members has a child who walks through the front doors of ROE daily. We are especially proud to have alumni whose children and grandchildren attend ROE today!


As you may be aware, HISD funding for ROE has decreased over the years – it simply does not cover the total expense of the top-notch public school education that students receive at ROE or the maintenance of ROE’s historic campus and grounds. That is where the ROE Parent Teacher Organization comes in. The ROE PTO provides vital financial support for the school’s current year operating budget by paying for essential school expenses such as enhanced curriculum, IB certification, technology, field trips, landscaping improvements, playground updates and more.


River Oaks neighbors have always supported the ROE PTO’s work with generous contributions to our Neighborhood Fund. We ask for your help in continuing that tradition! Donations in any amount are appreciated, and your unrestricted donation will allow us to invest in:

  • Beautification & maintenance of the Spark Park playground that is open to ALL neighbors. Bring your family to play basketball and race down the slides!
  • The ROE Nature Center (located along San Felipe near Kirby), in which students have exciting hands-on learning opportunities such as planting vegetables, observing the life cycle of frogs and butterflies, and studying the water cycle.
  • Our amazing new science lab that is home to snakes, a bunny, and hissing cockroaches!
  • Our IB program and teacher development, both of which are central to providing the rich learning experience that parents are seeking when they choose ROE.

Supporting ROE supports our neighborhood!


With gratitude,


Erica Littlejohn Burnette and Colleen Nichols, Chairs
Sarah Ford, VP Development and Melanie Savitz, PTO President


If you would like to contribute by check, please mail to:


2008 Kirby Drive

Houston, Texas 77019