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 Upload photos of your kids at ROE activities and events!

  • Upload photos here (ReplayIT ID: 0-QU72orXJDkKRonHf4Wmpw).

  • Please document each picture with kids’ name(s), grades, event/activity, and other details. Our helpers only know a handful of kids. These annotations will guide us to place your pictures onto the right page.

  • We value high-resolution pictures taken through professional cameras.

The yearbook editors will review all photos and determine final yearbook content. We cannot guarantee that all submissions will be used in the book.



Frequently Asked Questions 


Q: How do I order a yearbook?


Yearbooks are ordered directly through the Jostens website. When it is time to order yearbooks, we'll let you know through the newsletter and on this page. Order your yearbook early to receive the best pricing - prices increase throughout the year! 


Q: When will my child receive the yearbook we ordered?


Yearbooks will be delivered near the end of the school year. 


Q: Have I purchased a copy of the yearbook this year?


There are two ways to self-check: 

  1. Look up your purchase history on your Jostens account.
  2. Search receipts in your email.


Q: What is Jostens Yearbook+?


Yearbook+ is an online platform from Jostens that enables students to digitally tell more of their own stories through their printed yearbook. Here is a glimpse in this video. There are more detailed how-tos in this video, and a comprehensive guide in PDF.

This additional offering is part of printing ROE book with Jostens, there is NO additional charge for this feature.


Q: Where do I purchase a yearbook from previous school years?


A limited number of yearbooks from prior school years are available for purchase here. If purchased, they will be delivered to your student's classroom. Jostens is unable to print any historical issues or share ePubs.


Q: How can I help?


Our Photo Crew is looking for friendly and gifted people to help us capture moments here at ROE. We are also looking for editors and writers. Please contact us at!


Q: I want to know 


For more questions, please contact yearbook advisors at