School Supply Orders Coming Soon!


The ROE PTO orders school supplies for all ROE students.  We work with your children’s teachers to ensure that each child has all necessary materials.


School supply packs will be available to your children on day one of the new school year.  Students and teachers can hit the ground running!





These are just some of the school supplies delivered last year!



Frequently Asked Questions


How do I buy school supplies?

Click HERE to purchase school supplies. 


What do school supplies cost?

$50 per student. This is less than what it would cost to buy these items retail because we purchase in bulk.


What is included in the school supplies?

All the supplies your child's teacher has personally selected for the students to use throughout the school year.  The PTO also includes an ROE spirit shirt that your child can enjoy all year long for field trips, spirit days, and any other time!


I love buying school supplies with my child, can you send me the list?

We hear you! For some families, school supply shopping was a back-to-school tradition from the parents' childhood.  However, our teachers love the ROE tradition that all students have the same supplies on their first day of school and that they are the supplies the teacher's would like the class to use all year.


Is this a PTO fundraiser?

No.  This is a community service to our teachers and families.  The PTO makes no money on school supplies. 


When do we pick up the supplies?

You don't! Parent volunteers will unbox and organize all the supplies before school starts and deliver the supplies directly to classrooms.  Teachers set up their classrooms and student desks using these supplies so that everyone is ready to start learning on their first day of school.


Have I bought school supplies already? Can you check for me?

We cannot, but you can!  Please search your inbox for a receipt or go to and click "Previous Orders" in the top right menu bar to check.


Can I still buy supplies? Will my child have supplies on their first day of school? 

The answer to both questions is always yes! You can pay for the supplies at any time.  Every child will have supplies on their first day of school at ROE.


We are no longer attending ROE. How do I get a refund?

All sales are final.  We do not offer refunds, credit, or exchanges for any reason.  We appreciate your understanding.