This page provides information to help you contact the PTO volunteer you need. The following tables provide contact information for volunteer leaders in each of the committee areas.

PTO 2020-2021 Board Members

Executive Officers

President Lacey Webster
First Vice President Patricia Wycliff
Past President Susana Boker
Secretary Jeanie Arnold
Budget and Finance Director Kimberly Peck
Vice President – Finance (Treasurer) Mac Walker
Vice President – Internal Relations Rakhi Desai
Vice President – Development Katie Morgan
Vice President – Community Development Allison Bagley
Vice President – Public Relations Hannah Hofrichter

Board Representatives

Kindergarten Geniece Sergeant & 2nd Rep elected in Fall 2020
First Grade Katy Boatman & Joni Wylie
Second Grade Candace Day & Shannon Rodriguez
Third Grade Sandra McNeill & Christina Reed
Fourth Grade Leigh Djambov & Patience Stern
Fifth Grade Lili Guerrero, Kathryn Principe & Jennifer Rivera
Volunteer Coordinators Bonnie Rhames & Melanie Savitz
Specialists Representative Alicia Stephens
Ways and Means Director TBA
Teacher Appreciation Directors Sarah Dunn & Amanda Sauer
Dad’s Club David Pepper
School Life Director and Spirit Store Robin Porter
Faculty Representatives Stephanie Calderon

Gemma McHale
Stephanie Calderon
Bryant Johnson
Head of School Dr. Keri Fovargue
Administrative Rep Jana Bomersbach

Chairs and Committees

Affinity Programs Katherine Palmer
Book Fair (On-Site) Katie Morgan, Patricia Wycliff
Family Picnic TBA
Family Fun Run Chris Dunn, Shannon Rodriguez
Picture Day Coordinator Hannah Hofrichter
Marquee Randi Sonenshein
Movie Night Kristal Daugherty, Lindsey Horne, Robin Porter
Nature Center Jeanie Arnold
Odyssey of the Mind Jimmy Halastras
ROE News Dr. Keri Fovargue
School Directory Patricia Wycliff
School Supplies Hannah Hofrichter
Webmaster TBA
Yearbook Zhen Lin, Rinku Patel, Linda Poole

Strategic Decision Making Representatives (SDMC)

Nina Godiwalla, Michelle Lewis, Danny David, & Catherine Matthews
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